February 1, 2024

JP GAMES depicts a love story of life and death between Man and a Goddess
A new cutting-edge RPG for adults
Project SHALLAH (tentative name) begins development for worldwide release

JP GAMES, Inc. (“JP GAMES”) started development of the new RPG “SHALLAH (tentative name, “SHALLAH”)” on February 1, 2024, in response to a request from Quantum Solutions Co., Ltd. (“Quantum Solutions”), an AI development and hardware sales company, to collaborate on the establishment of a game project.
※Updated March 7, 2024 “Project SHALLAH (tentative title)” has been changed to “Project JEWEL (tentative title)”.

“SHALLAH” image

“SHALLAH” is a new RPG project that depicts a fierce battle of magic and sorcery and a love story between a human and a goddess in an epic world that incorporates the tale of One Thousand and One Nights. JP GAMES will be responsible for the overall planning and development, and will develop the game using its own middleware, “PEGASUS WORLD KIT.”
Quantum Solutions will own the “SHALLAH” IP and will provide all the support necessary to maximize JP Games' strengths in content development based on their superior worldview design, technology, and game design.

■Hajime Tabata, CEO of JP Games, Inc. commented as follows:
“Quantum Solutions has recently offered to work with us on a joint game project, and we have started development of the RPG “SHALLAH,” which we have been planning for some time. I will be involved in both the development and business aspects of the project as a producer. The game will be officially announced when it is more fully developed, and it will be JP Games' first full-fledged major title, so please stay tuned.”

■Mark Pink, President of Quantum Solutions, Co., Ltd. commented as follows:
“AI/Quantum computing is highly compatible with games and will be able to change character behavior in real time, providing a more challenging gameplay experience for players. As well, AI will be able to recognize player emotions and provide appropriate reactions to the game play for a more immersive experience. AI x Quantum Computing will be a huge leap forward in game development, and I am thrilled to be working with JP GAMES to co-develop SHALLAH.

It is a game development studio founded by game creator Hajime Tabata, who worked on several FINAL FANTASY titles for the Square Enix Group. With the concepts of "evolving RPGs" and "making the future fun with the power of games," the studio pursues the possibilities of games without being bound by conventional boundaries.
Official URL:https://jpgamesinc.com/

This is an RPG/Metaverse production middleware developed by JP Games that utilizes Epic Games’ Unreal Engine game engine. The middleware, which can create Metaverse contents with RPG technology and excels in building entertainment and experiences, is now being offered to various companies.
Official Trailer:https://youtu.be/OLZG0OzD0bo

About Quantum Solutions
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Japan, it is a leading AI company specializing in providing comprehensive hardware and software solutions for companies and individuals who want to leverage AI. With a corporate goal of revolutionizing the AI industry by providing cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer support, the company focuses on providing a one-stop solution for all its customers’ AI-related needs.
Official URL:https://www.quantum-s.co.jp/

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