June 29, 2023

The World's First Web3 Game “Gemina Games” created with the “PEGASUS WORLD KIT”
Winner of the Grand Prize at the Web3 Game Pitch Contest “SHAKE! KYOTO”

JP GAMES, Inc. presented “Gemina Games”, a game developed using our original RPG/Metaverse production middleware “PEGASUS WORLD KIT,” at the Web3 game-pitch contest “SHAKE! KYOTO” held yesterday at IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO and took home the Grand Prize plus three special awards (the double award, SEGA award and the Well-Link award).

  • Gemina Games
  • Photo of the Web3 game pitch contest “SHAKE! KYOTO”

Upgraded PEGASUS WORLD KIT to support Web3
“Gemina Games” is the first Web 3.0-compatible game to be developed with the PEGASUS WORLD KIT ver1.5, which was revealed at UNREAL FEST 2023 TOKYO on June 2. PWK1.5 will incorporate new game experiences and functions such as the “RPG System” and the “Creator Economy System.”

Enhancing the Web3 game experience significantly, which has been a challenge in the past
“Gemina Games” offers a new RPG experience based on a full-fledged online RPG, supporting token-bound accounts with the new ERC-6551 standard that greatly enhances the functionality of NFTs. Users can improve the value of their assets by progressing through the game, developing their characters, and accumulating competitive achievements. In addition, each rival country in the game is managed autonomously by a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization), and players can earn more returns and rights (Contribute to Earn) by contributing to their own country. Focusing on the game experience, which has been a challenge for Web3 games, we aim to create an RPG that is both fun as a game while still being in the Web3 domain.

From JP Games, Jin Matsumoto, our Web3 producer, took the stage to give our presentation. We hope that this award will provide an opportunity for Gemina Games and the PEGASUS WORLD KIT ver1.5 to become popular among a wider range of people.

A game development studio founded by the game creator and CEO Hajime Tabata, who formerly worked on several FINAL FANTASY titles for Square Enix. Under the concepts of “evolving RPGs” and “making the future fun with the power of games,” the studio is pursuing the possibilities of games by breaking out of the conventional boundaries of the genre. Based on “The Pegasus Dream Tour,” the world's First Official Paralympics video game, they developed the RPG/Metaverse production middleware “PEGASUS WORLD KIT.” We are engaged not only in the game business, but the Metaverse business as well.
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JP GAMES' RPG/metaverse production middleware, which utilizes Epic Games' Unreal Engine, is a middleware that can create Metaverse contents with RPG technology and excels in building entertainment and experience. JP GAMES has already started providing this middleware to various companies, including ANA GranWhale, a virtual travel service provided by ANA NEO.
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